Meet Lily Wolf

Lily Wolf is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Atlanta, Georgia who enjoys working together with clients to create meaningful, long-lasting changes.

Lily Wolf is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who works with adults and adolescents (age 16+) who are ready to find relief from eating disorders and body image issues. Eating disorders are complex and deeply rooted issues that rob your life of so much. Constant thoughts about food and body can prevent you from feeling confident, fully connecting in relationships, staying present in work/school life, and so much more. Lily is passionate about working alongside clients as they start to see what it's like to take back control and build a healthy relationship with food and body. She works with a wide array of eating disorders including anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, orthorexia, binge eating disorder, and avoidant restrictive food intake disorder (ARFID).

In addition to eating disorders, Lily also works with clients experiencing anxiety, depression, grief/loss, relationship issues, life transitions, and complex family dynamics. Her approach to therapy is tailored to each individual, and includes aspects of CBT as well as psychodynamic and relational frameworks. Her style has been described as warm, insightful, and down-to-earth. Lily strives to provide trauma-informed, culturally sensitive, body positive therapy to folks of all different backgrounds. All sexual orientations and gender expressions are welcome.

Prior to starting her career as a therapist, Lily received a Bachelor of Social Work degree from The Ohio State University, followed by a Master of Social Work degree from Case Western Reserve University. Since then she has gained experience working in higher level eating disorder treatment, inpatient mental health, case management, and public health/prevention.

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