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Samantha Williams is a University of Missouri – Saint Louis graduate. Samantha has a psychology undergrad degree, a trauma studies certificate, and a minor in child advocacy studies. She has always had a connection with friends and family as a therapist friend and along the lines of genuinely having compassion to support others in time of need, she enjoyed being the therapist friend and thought to make more of it. Fast forward, Samantha is finishing up her graduate clinical mental health counseling degree and has the desire to become an LPC.  She aims to empower her clients to create space, balance, time, and strength to process and embrace their needs.  Samantha meets clients where they are in their journey and partners with them on their journey as they identify their own individual needs, goals, and discover connections along the way.  She believes in the power of the therapeutic relationship. She genuinely values the importance of building rapport with clients and supports clients in finding a therapist they feel is a good fit for them based on their individual treatment needs and goals. Samantha aspires to work with clients from all demographics, who struggle with mental health symptoms such as anxiety, depression, grief/loss, and trauma.

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