How To Beat Stress

How To Beat Stress

As work-life shifts and blurred lines between office and home, many of us wonder whether the label could apply to our own state of mind.
What’s Next? Medical, Legal and Mental Health Perspectives on Future of Reproductive Care

What’s Next?
Medical, Legal and Mental Health Perspectives on Future of Reproductive Care

Watch our panel of experts provide support and information in an open forum to ask questions about reproductive rights. This panel was created in response to the Dobbs Supreme Court decision that overturned Roe v Wade as legal precedent, giving power to the states to decide how to protect a right to reproductive care.

No Years Resolution

Why has society placed such emphasis on the beginning of a new calendar? The answer is simple: diet culture drives business.

No New Years Resolutions

As another year has come and gone, society reminds us that maybe we weren’t quite "good enough" over the past 12 months. Were we?

Do I Need Both Individual And Group Therapy?

Starting therapy is a step towards personal growth, and there are two tools available to you: individual and group therapy. Individual therapy involves a one-on-one and customized approach to learning to live with grief, addiction, eating disorders, and other lived experiences. Group therapy offers community and interpersonal relationship skills and is a valuable asset to your personal growth.

Managing Your Mental Health During COVID-19

Managing your mental health during COVID-19 can often seem like one more item on the to-do list that you’re avoiding. While Animal Crossing can provide an escape, do more for your mental health in 2020 by working with a therapist trained in your areas of growth. Whether it’s grief, eating disorders, gender orientation, or addiction, therapy is still available for you.

Telehealth is Available!

Do not emotionally distance while you are physically distancing. J Lewis Therapy is here to help.