Empowering Mental Health Professionals

Personal Growth and Anti-Diet Groups
Join our specialized groups designed for mental health professionals seeking to enhance their personal and professional journey. Our first group offers therapists a unique space to explore personal growth, deepen understanding, identify and communicate emotions, tolerate conflict, and foster professional development.
While our Anti-Diet Weight Inclusive Provider Supervision Group is a supportive environment for healthcare providers. In this group there is an opportunity to understand transference, counter transference, and your emotional reaction as it relates to your therapeutic work.
Both groups aim to empower professionals with the knowledge and skills necessary to create meaningful change in both their lives and the lives of those they work with.
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Meet Your Therapist:
An Expert Committed to Your Healing

“It’s important that we learn how to confidently move through life and therapy is an integral way to build our self-confidence and improve our quality of life.”

Jill Lewis, MA, LCSW, CEDS-S, CGP, AGPA - Fellow



As Seen On

Jill Lewis has been quoted in the media for her experience and expertise on eating disorders, depression, anxiety, trauma, body image and family dynamics.

Real Stories of Transformation


J Lewis Therapy is my go-to referral for therapy in Atlanta. Jill Lewis is a leader in the field of therapy, especially group therapy and eating disorder treatment, and she has built a practice with other compassionate and highly skilled therapists. I highly recommend J Lewis Therapy.

Our Therapy Services Include


Therapists’ Interpersonal Process Group

A virtual group offering a safe space to delve into the dynamics of interpersonal relationships, self perception, and emotional regulation.


9:30 am to 11:00  am

$225 for the initial consultation

1 or 2 consultations required, then $108 per week

Anti-Diet Weight Inclusive Provider Supervision Group

A bi weekly virtual group for providers challenging the diet culture and promoting a weight inclusive approach.

Tuesdays biweekly

12:00 pm to 1:00 pm

$225 for the initial consultation

1 or 2 consultations required, then $75 per week. Sliding scale available.

A minimum 6 month commitment is required, as well as collaboration from an outpatient therapist. 


Jill Lewis and her team are amazing! I have worked collaboratively as a colleague with Jill for several years, and I have the outmost regard for her professionalism and clinical skills. Jill and her associates are highly skilled in working with eating disorders, and I appreciate that they practice from a weight-inclusive approach. I highly recommend J Lewis Therapy.


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