Eating Disorder Therapy

At J Lewis Therapy we specialize in the treatment of eating disorders, body image struggles, body dysmorphia, and disordered eating. Eating disorders can be difficult to catch, diagnose, and then truly understand.


Finding The Best Care For You

Our practice works from a psychodynamic and relational approach to unearth what purpose the eating disorder has been serving. Is it saying see me, hear me, listen to me? There are many roots and causes of an eating disorder, and in the community, we state that it is all about the food, and not about the food.

Together we will move through understanding what the eating disorder is doing for you, how much it has helped and protected you in the past, and why it no longer serves a purpose. We will work on body acceptance, body fears, body changes, body image, and seeking to have a healthy relationship with yourself and with food.


Anorexia Therapy

We help you step outside the safety that Anorexia has created. Learn how to better access emotions and build strong interpersonal relationships through our personalized approach to talk therapy. We help you release the rigidity you hold over yourself to experience food freedom and body acceptance.


Bulimia Therapy

Discover alternative ways to access emotions and build distress tolerance skills so you can begin building healthier relationships in all areas of your life. We take a long-term approach so you can learn to navigate life through meaningful actions.


Orthorexia Therapy

Rethink a restrictive approach towards food and life by removing food and behavior-based fear. We help you remove all-consuming thoughts so you can build a positive mindset towards your health.


Binge Eating Therapy

Experience a weight-neutral based approach to body and mind acceptance. We’ll work with you to discover triggers for impulsive behavior, access emotions, and improve your distress tolerance so you can build meaningful relationship with yourself and your community.

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Food Addiction

Are you feeling confused about your relationship to food? We’ll partner with you to explore food, body, mind, relationships, and trauma so you can stop feeling confused and begin to process what your experiences have brought you.

Start A Healthy Approach To Navigating Anorexia