Therapy Services

We specialize in relational therapy that helps individuals, couples, and families learn to honestly approach their lives in order to grow. Our collaborative approach to every session, especially in our group therapy sessions, offers a relational community for you to flourish and process pain, both emotional and physical.


Individual Therapy

In individual therapy sessions, we welcome you to be who you need to be. We create a space to feel emotions, and challenge you on preconceived notions and how your lived experiences impact you today. Expect to build a long-term relationship with your therapist and to be compassionately challenged through our psychodynamic and relational approach to therapy.


Family Therapy

Communication between parents and children is a complex dynamic and we’re here to help your family learn to break unhealthy patterns. Expect to re-think what is and isn’t working in your family and to break the patterns that have led to your current challenges. We work with your family as a whole before breaking into pairs to improve the family dynamics across parents and children.


Couples Therapy

We seek to provide a safe environment for each person to feel seen and heard. Together, we’ll focus on rebuilding a meaningful connection and how to hear out your partner. We can also help you adjust to different parenting styles and navigating relationships when basic communication has been lost.


Group Therapy

Life is best lived in community. While we believe that individual therapy is a necessity, navigating life’s challenges in a community gives you additional support. Our group therapy sessions include a maximum of eight people and the therapist, who is there to moderate and hold painful emotions and experiences for you.

Telehealth is Available!

Do not emotionally distance while you are physically distancing. J Lewis Therapy is here to help.