Group Therapy

Strengthen your interpersonal skills and build community with a group led by experienced therapists.


What Is Group Therapy?

Group therapy takes up to eight people with similar lived experiences and builds a community where they work on finding their voices, asserting themselves, navigating social anxiety, working on distress tolerance and simply looking at how they operate in the world in relation to others. We lead by helping members feel seen and less alone while connecting with each other. Our aim is to hold some of your most painful experiences and emotions to help you move through them in the group process. We seek to provide a space where all emotions can be processed healthily and safely.


Can I Mess Up with Group Therapy?

There is no perfect member of a group. Everyone will “mess up” in group. That is the beauty of group therapy and why it’s so powerful. We always ask that all members own their actions and take responsibility within the context of group, but we also use it as a place of learning, healing, and growth. All of our groups are lead with compassion, sensitivity, humor, genuineness, and an immense passion for the value of group therapy.


What Should I Expect During Group Therapy?

Before you can join a group, you will have an assessment session with the therapist leading the group to see if you are a good fit. This session is typically $180, though it varies by the clinician leading the group. After that, the group is told a new member is joining, and you will have your first meeting. We require a 3-month minimum commitment to ensure everyone in the group is gaining the maximum benefit.

Group sessions are either 60 or 90 minutes depending on the group, and a credit card will be put on file prior to your first session through our electronic medical record system.

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