Grief, Coping, and Loss

Every loss is valid. Learn how to grieve and cope with a relational therapist who can hold your pain while compassionately encouraging you.


What Kind of Grief & Loss Do You Treat?

We treat any kind of loss, including:

  • Parent’s death from old age, suicide, or illness.
  • Partner death from natural causes, illness, accident, overdose, or other reason.
  • Lost friendships through time, events, or death.
  • Fertility loss like miscarriage.
  • Loss of a relationship, like through divorce.
  • Feeling out of control from life events.
  • Moving to a new city, feeling lost, and having difficulty building relationships.
  • Career loss.
  • Financial loss.

Can You Help Partners or Families of Those Who Experience Loss?

In this very challenging and unexpected time, our direct approach to therapy will support you in this very challenging and difficult time. Because loss can affect everyone within a family unit, we work with partners and families throughout the process. Learn more about our approach to couples and family therapy here.


What to Expect During Therapy for Grief, Coping, & Loss

We can’t remove the loss, but we can help you approach it in a healthy and honest way. Our compassionate, direct approach to therapy will challenge you in the process while helping you reach your goals.

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