Meet Jill Lewis (she/her)


Jill Lewis MA, LCSW, CEDS, CGP, and current fellow of the American Group Psychotherapy Association.

Jill brings all parts of herself to her practice. She's authentic, genuine, attentive, attuned, and works to be perceptive in every interaction with her clients. She challenges and gently encourages her clients who are struggling but also willing to put the work in for a brighter future.

Her ability to navigate interpersonal dynamics with her clients is what truly sets Jill apart from other clinicians. Jill believes in using the power of vulnerability, connection, feeling seen and understood, while being direct about how a client’s blind spots may be limiting themselves.

"Jill is a brilliant combination of directness and warmth... Jill's practice not only helped me through many difficult hurdles, but the skills I was able to develop under her care will get me through many more." - Past Patient

Jill has combined her experience in working from an interpersonal lens with her training from the center for groups studies using a Modern Analytic approach to her group settings.

Jill witnessed the impact her relational approach to gain self-understanding had on her individual sessions, so she applied it to a group setting and her clients growth increased exponentially.

In a group with Jill, she will model, provide real time feedback to cultivate the group to connect and communicate with other group members to have deeper meaning, feel understood and seen and develop emotional intimacy, which translates to a shift in their relationships out of the group setting.

Jill is committed to this process and is only currently accepting news clients who are open to group therapy sessions in conjunction with their individual work, as she has witnessed the impact it has on her client’s healing.

Jill Lewis continues to be a business owner and consultant, team manager and provides supervision to help other clinicians develop their unique practice. She's excited to go to work every day because it doesn't feel like a job. In some ways it feels more like a calling as she's transitioned towards a focus on long-term process-oriented work.

Jill is an ally to the LGBTQ+ community and fat-positive movements, helping individuals find confidence in their true selves. She is deeply passionate about working with marginalized people who often get missed and dismissed, specifically those in larger bodies.

J Lewis Therapy continues to be an incredible group of professionals who are highly trained in eating disorders. Jill is not currently taking on new eating disorder clients. If that is something you are struggling with and need support, she will connect you to one of her highly trained therapists.

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Jill is not currently taking individual clients. If you'd like to meet with someone on the team, she'd be happy to connect you with the right match for your needs.

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