Addiction Therapy

You don’t have to live with an active addiction. Experience an honest, genuine, and direct approach to therapy for addiction through our psychodynamic and relational treatment.


What Type of Addictions Do You Treat?

We work with individuals who are addicted to substances, including drugs and alcohol.


Do I Have an Addiction?

While we can’t diagnose you over the internet, frequent behaviors of addiction include:

  • Drinking on the job.
  • Drinking or drugs interfering with work.
  • Needing cannabis every day to relax.
  • Family members worrying about the behavior’s frequency.
  • Feeling like a functioning alcoholic but knowing something is “off”.
  • Bringing drugs and alcohol everywhere “for fun”.
  • Being unwilling to take a break from drugs and alcohol.

Can You Help Partners or Families of Those with Addiction?

We work with families and couples of those with addiction. We always want to ensure the family members feel supported, even when their loved one is struggling with addiction.


What to Expect During Therapy for Addiction

We’ll challenge you in a welcoming, compassionate, and collaborative way to help you rethink your behaviors. We work on improving your distress tolerance through psychodynamic work to ensure you can tolerate your impulses and abstain from substances.

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