Food Addiction Therapy

Are you feeling confused about your relationship to food? We’ll partner with you to explore food, body, mind, relationships, and trauma so you can stop feeling confused and begin to process what your experiences have brought you.


At J Lewis Therapy, we don’t subscribe to the idea of food addiction. Healing from addiction requires abstaining from the behavior. However, because you can’t remove a type of food in a healthy way (excluding medical needs), we don’t believe this is an accurate term.

We would be honored to help you sort through the pain to name your struggle leading you to a complex relationship to food.

We also believe that, for best, long-lasting change, therapy is a long-term commitment. When you commit to putting in the work to rethink the complexities of food, body, and your past, you can emerge with a balanced approach to food and your past experiences.

I don't know what I would've done without Jill.

Jill quickly gained my trust with her humor, warmth, and compassion. Since I've been working with her, she has helped me out of some very difficult places. Jill always makes time for me with my hectic schedule and has been more than accommodating.

Past Client

I have been working with Jill on tackling my eating disorder.

This was not my first rodeo in the therapy world or trying to overcome my food stuff, but I really feel like Jill gets it. She is empathetic and understanding. I felt safe with her and she really helped me to understand why I was doing what I was doing.

Current Client

Jill will teach you how to help yourself through life's challenges.

I cannot recommend Jill highly enough. Jill will teach you to recognize and understand your thought patterns, interpersonal dynamics and how to help yourself through life challenges. I am most grateful to Jill for this gift - the ability to help myself through life's events by processing my emotions and actions.

Past Client

Build a balanced relationship with food