Brian Sanitago

Meet Brian Santiago

Brian Santiago is an Associate Licensed and National Certified Professional Counselor in Atlanta, Georgia

Brian helps provide meaningful skills and tools to families, couples, and individuals looking to navigate the difficulties of life. He also helps children, adolescents, parents and caregivers find better balance with more fulfilling relationships. He works with men to understands the current challenges of masculinity and social correctness and helps figure out best practices and better self-awareness. 

Brian believes we may become “automatic” with our thoughts and behaviors, leaving many feeling stuck and unable to change. His empathetic person-centered approach allows clients to unlock their capacity and desire for personal growth and change.

Brian graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Valdosta State University and a Masters of Arts in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from National Lewis University. 

He works with depression, anxiety, emotional regulation, eating disorders, and addiction (alcohol, gaming, etc.). With more than a decade in the corporate supply chain field, he is also uniquely qualified with understanding and managing stressors of a career and family. 

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