The Beauti Therapist

Jessica Harris has become Atlanta's innovative "Beauti Therapist" that support women to embrace their bodies at any size with makeup artistry.

Beauti Therapist Atlanta sitting on a bench

The Beauti Therapist

What makes Jessica unique as “The Beauti Therapist” is her approach towards beauty from the perspective of body positivity and mental wellness. With the professional eye and understanding of diverse beauty from facial features, skin types, complexions, and cosmetics Jessica truly educates and empowers every woman for what works for them rather than pushing society's idea of beauty and perfection with luxury beauty services. 

“My Beauty philosophy and artistry are specifically created to not only highlight the beauty you already have but to foster mental wellness. Embracing your beauty is an inside job and it starts with the heart.”

Atlanta Beauti Therapists

The Beauti Boost

I specifically created Beauti Therapy for women to have the ultimate transformation experience. With my signature Beauti Therapy Method, I want women to get a glimpse of who they are and who they are evolving into along their self-love journey through uncovering lies, building a positive self-image, and self-confidence with luxury beauty services.

My passion for women to acknowledge their beauty and become at peace with themselves is why I created the Beauti Boost Power session. The Beauti Therapy Method creates a long-lasting change & transformation even when the makeup is off by helping women grow in self-awareness, uproot negative beliefs, and unconditional acceptance.

Beauti Boost Includes

  • 60-minute Beauti Reflection Session
  • 90-minute Beauti Lesson (Client can enjoy a hands-on makeup class or relaxing Beauti Application Experience)
  • Beauti Favorites Skincare & Makeup List
  • Customized Beauty Care Regimen

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Atlanta Beauti Therapist and Mental Health

How does the Beauti Therapist work with Mental Health?

Have you ever noticed the glow you have or feeling euphoric after getting a beauty service? Beauty and mental health have long intersected not just because you’re slayin’ in the streets (or on social media) but because of the psychological benefits and care that comes with it!  Receiving beauty services or giving yourself those extra few minutes of care is often viewed as a luxury, or self-indulgent but the benefits are more than just a “feel good” experience. 

The numerous mental and emotional benefits are linked to neurotransmitters and hormones that can reduce stress, elevate our mood, help with depression and anxiety, and increase our sociability that makes you take a few dozen selfies!

Atlanta Beauti Therapy

Although the beauty industry has been know to focus on "if you look perfect you will be happier and your life would be better," Jessica's approach with beauty is from the lens of self-care, self-compassion, and empowerment.  Getting a Beauty Boost is simply a combination of Jessica's signature Beauti Therapy technique to explore and transform your beauty awareness, body appreciation, and confidence with a luxury beauty & healing experience.

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