Managing Your Mental Health During COVID-19

Managing your mental health during COVID-19 can often seem like one more item on the to-do list that you’re avoiding. While Animal Crossing can provide an escape, do more for your mental health by working with an Atlanta based therapist trained in your areas of growth. Whether it’s grief, eating disorders, gender orientation, or addiction, therapy is still available for you.

It’s Okay to Ask for Help

The CDC reports that 40% of Americans are struggling with their mental health during the Coronavirus. That’s not a surprise, either. Struggles like job loss, unsafe homes, stressful work and family situations, and more can all contribute to a decreased mental state. 31% report symptoms of anxiety and depression, while 26% have experience trauma or stressor-related disorder symptoms.

Those percentages all represent people who need support, and therapy is a valuable asset during a time like this. And while in-person meetings are still canceled in many areas across the United States, connection is not.

Reaching out to a therapist is not failing. It’s succeeding. By having a therapist in your corner, you can better manage your mental health symptoms during this challenging time.

What to Expect During Therapy in COVID-19

While video calls can’t replace the benefit of sitting in a room with your therapist, teletherapy is still worth pursuing. During COVID-19, your therapist will conduct each session through Zoom or a healthcare-specific platform like telehealth.

If you have worked with a therapist before, these video calls will operate like those sessions. Your therapist will guide you through the topics on mind and provide insights and exercises before closing it out.

If you haven’t worked with a therapist before, you may even feel more comfortable in these video calls because you can sit in a familiar space and don’t need to leave your home. Your new therapist will ask about your goals and get to know you during your first session.

Following sessions will vary depending on your therapist and your individual needs, but expect to be heard, seen, and compassionately challenged in order to reach your goals.
Working with a therapist during COVID-19 will look different, but it can still be a very beneficial tool to help you cope with the change and uncertainty happening in the world right no.

Teletherapy is meant to support you and help you achieve the goals you set for yourself, and you don’t need to wait for in-person therapy to resume before you begin.

If you’re looking for an open, friendly, and long-term therapist to help you process, grieve, and grow, schedule a free consultation.

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