No Years Resolution

As another year has come and gone, society reminds us that maybe we weren’t quite “good enough” over the past 12 months. In January, the ads we see on TV and social media say that we weren’t exercising enough, eating healthy enough, or being disciplined enough. In truth, January 1st of any year is just another day. Why has society placed such emphasis on the beginning of a new calendar?

The answer is simple: diet culture drives business.

It is exhausting to be bombarded with commercials and digital advertising of activity apps, weight loss programs, and meal prep kits. To top it off, the industry tries to use a trusted celebrity to influence consumption of such products alongside their “special low prices.” Unfortunately, diet culture has its claws deep within all types of humans, and frankly, it’s an un-human ideal. So now it’s

February and your resolution have probably not been working out as advertised. That doesn’t make a person a failure or worthless; it makes them human. A diet or exercise resolution is really just an extra-long intention that is incredibly difficult to manage for the following 365 days. With this in mind, how can you create an intention for the remainder of the month to move away from diet culture?

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