What’s Next?
Medical, Legal and Mental Health Perspectives on Future of Reproductive Care


A panel of experts to help provide support and information in an open forum to ask questions around reproductive rights.

This panel was created in response to the Dobbs Supreme Court decision that overturned Roe v Wade as legal precedent, giving power to the states to decide how to protect a right to reproductive care.

Panelists discussed topics that included:

  • The GA Heartbeat Bill
  • Constitutional law
  • Queer and transgender inclusion
  • and mental healthcare providers’ duty to report, among other relevant issues.

The panel was moderated by Jill Lewis, LCSW, owner of J Lewis Therapy.


Drew Thrasher, MS, NCC: queer and trans therapist at Modern Path in Atlanta; advocate for human rights and wellness.

Dr. Shlomo Pill, Esq.: attorney and law professor at Emory Law School specializing in constitutional law and civil rights.

Hannah Piecuch, RN: reproductive healthcare nurse; reproductive rights activist.

Katie Leikam, LCSW: WPATH GEI certified gender specialist; author of The Gender Identity Journal: Prompts and Practice for Exploration and Self-Discovery.

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